Former NFL QB to a Successful Digital Business Owner

Kurt Benkert is a former NFL quarterback, who spent 5 years in the league with the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers. As of today, Kurt has surpassed six figures because of digital marketing, here’s how.

Finding Victory Through Social Media

Off the field, he found victory in social media, product building, content creation, and partnering with Spacestation Gaming. With over 700K followers on social, Kurt states, “social media has allowed me to grow and develop to a place where I’m comfortable sharing my opinion in a professional way, curating content that resonates with my target audience which has led into new business opportunities.”

Effective Brand Strategy

In just one year of selling a digital product with an effective branding strategy, Kurt has surpassed six figures. “Social media has opened the door to new opportunities such as consulting.”

Embracing New Opportunities

Not only has social media increased sales for Kurt, it has provided new opportunities and business growth. Do you have an effective brand strategy? Take your business to the next level and contact Target Marketing. Want to learn more about Kurt’s successful digital business? Follow him on LinkedIn.

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