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We are marketing and branding professionals who specialize in managing and executing campaigns across various channels. We help businesses build brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

About Target Marketing

Target Marketing’s services can help businesses boost brand engagement and establish long-term relationships with their customers. By targeting specific demographics and tailoring marketing strategies to their interests, businesses can increase their market share and ultimately achieve greater success. Additionally, Target Marketing’s commitment to making a difference in the surrounding area through community involvement and charitable contributions can enhance a company’s reputation and further drive customer loyalty. With Target Marketing’s expertise, businesses can achieve these goals while making a positive impact on both their bottom line and the community at large. They take the time to understand exactly what’s necessary for optimal results and guarantee to deliver the work within your timeline.

Meet Lauren Yindra, CEO 

Lauren Yindra is the founder and CEO of Target Marketing. When Lauren began Target Marketing in 2023, her primary goal was to create compelling relationships through brand awareness. What she realized was that if you build the brand correctly, they will come.

With that understanding, Lauren has consistently delivered impressive results. She continually recognizes the harmonious connection that exists between a company and their clients. She believes that when you strike the right balance you have the key to success.

Lauren’s strengths go far beyond digital marketing. In her 8+ years in managing and marketing campaigns, she has studied the marketing arena intently. Lauren has the unique capacity to see what others don’t.

She is able to assess, analyze and see the bigger picture. Lauren confidently implements new and innovative ideas. Combine this with her knowledge of marketing and Lauren will propel a company from ho-hum to exceptional.

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Lauren Yindra

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